Joe Goudeau 2024 Spring Introductions



John Four Sixteen

5.25" 26" 3 way branching 15 buds M, Semi, Re

WOW Deep Dark purple lighter halo white edge yellow to green throat
The second picture is rebloom on a three-year-old clump. I know many of you do not experience rebloom therefore both images.  I think this baby is a dormant but will list as Semi since we do not receive enough cold weather to verify. Fans are small unless allowed to clump up and are at best medium size. Very fertile both ways even on the hottest of days.

$100 single fan 



5.25" 29" 3 way branching 15 plus buds Mid to Late, Eve, Re

I had a different flower picked out for my Mother but surprisingly someone helped themselves to half the row that had been lined out. This baby, I thought was at least a year out but increased well this past year, and in all honesty, this is a much better Red that the one originally selected. There are many many red introductions to come, many of which can trace their linage back to this flower. 

This red stands up to full sun, 98-degree days, and 100% humidity. 
 Very fertile both ways

$100 Single Fan





6.5" 36" 4 - 5 way branching 20 plus buds Very Very Late, Eve, Re

First scape bloomed the third week of July. For you northern folks you say what's the big deal? Well I was hybridizing the third week of March and have had seedlings go through three sets of scapes to this point in our season.

This was a nice surprise. I have harvested and planted 90% of my seed and have frozen pollen for next years early bloomers. Looks Like I need to pull some out of the freezer to work these late blooming genes into my program.

$100 Single Fan

 Very fertile both ways

2216 Middle B3



He is My Strength

7" 34" 4 way branching 20 plus buds  Late, Eve, Re
B1 Medium 722

Nice flower on a nice scape. Good increase.

$75 Single Fan 

 Very fertile both ways



5.75" 36" EM Semi Re (tet)

Sibling of  "You get What you get" (2016)
Magenta with a slightly darker eye 4 - 5 way branching 15-25 perfectly spaced buds once established.

Great branching and good bud count fast increaser, reblooms, in short, a good garden plant Fertile both ways passing on the scape habit to the seedlings.

50.00 double fan




La Poussiere  

6.25" 30" 3 way branching 15 plus buds Late, Eve, Re

Named for my second favorite dance hall located in Breau Bridge, Louisiana. La poo c air means the dust which was stirred up in the original location due to the fact you were dancing on a dirt floor. 

Majestic, with strong well branched upright scapes. Flowers on rebloom measure 6.75"- 7.25". This cream to polychrome holds up to the strongest of rainstorms and the brutal south Louisiana humidity. The second image is at the end of the day on a Rebloom scape. Rebloom flowers do show some signs of teeth.

673 north B3

$100 single fan


5.25" 27" La, Semi, Re (tet)           378 B2 middle 

Some of my red program include genetics from the Grace program in particular his itroductions wth Fredom in the name. This Red has a slightly darker eye and a toothy white edge. Three way branching 15 perfectly spaced buds once established.

A Fast increaser that blooms just above the dark green foliage which provides a great backdrop for the blooms. 

$75 single fan (like most semi evergreens grown here fans are medium size)



5.5" 30" 3way 15 buds La, Eve, Re Tet

Lavender with a slightly darker halo and a gold edge that gets slightly toothy on rebloom. A pretty flower with good plant habit.

$50 single fan

597 B13 SH 


With Me in the Valley

4.25" 35" 3 way 15 buds La, Eve, Re, Tet

Magenta Purple with lighter halo and edge. Wire gold edge
Medium increase

$50 single fan B1 Middle 933




4.75" 28" 3 way 15 buds EE, Eve, Re Tet

This flower does everything it can to draw attention. Red, Pink, Orange petal? Red with a lighter halo? I'll let you decide. The petal color ranges from rose, pink or orange depending on temperature, amount of sunshine and which of the two rebloom scapes are blooming. Third Scape blooming August.

$75 single fan



Lift Up His Name

5.25" 29" 3 way 15 buds EE, Eve, Re Tet

This is a flower that benefits with heat and sunshine. She actually starts out a little muddy on cool morning but clears up as the day goes on. The second picture is from a third scape, end of the day. Good Increase long bloom season, still blooming  end of August.

$50 single fan

418 B1 middle


He is not introduced 2024

4.25" 32" 3 way 15 buds La, Eve, Re Tet

Magenta Purple with lighter halo and edge. Wire gold edge
Medium increaser

$50 single fan 


Shadow of the Almighty

4.25" 27" 3 way 15 buds La, Eve, Re (tet)
B2 Middle 728

Magenta Purple with lighter halo and white edge. Wire gold edge trimming the bubbly white edges. 
Medium increaser

$75 single fan


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