Joe Goudeau 2023 Spring Introductions



Nekkid Woman Riding a Horse
Name Pending possibly a 2023 introduction
5.25" 26" 3 way branching 15 M, Semi, Re

WOW Deep Dark purple lighter halo white edge  yellow to green throat
The second picture is rebloom on a three year old clump. I know many of you do not experence rebloom therefore both images.  I think this baby is a dormant but will list as Semi since we do not receive enough cold weather to verify. Fans are small unless allowed to clump up. Very fertile both ways

$100 single fan introducing with 30 single fans



And Don't Pitch A Fit  (name pending approval)

5.75" 30" EM Semi Re (tet)

Magenta with a slightly darker eye 4 way branching 15-20 perfectly spaced buds once established.

Great branching and good bud count fast increaser, reblooms, in short, a good garden plant Fertile both ways






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