Joe Goudeau 2019 Spring Introductions


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
6" 30, EM, Eve, Re

WOW clean lavender with white teeth that are more pronounced on rebloom.
Great Scape  Great bud count, once established. Fertile both ways

$100 double fan limited


Hands Held High (name pending approval)

8" 32" EM Semi Re (diploid)

Been trying to decide whether or not to introduce but after surviving a flood, a herbicide spraying and a year of no care and all she did was explode into huge clumps I decided to share. Fertile both ways



Walking in the Shadows (Name pending Approval)

6" + 30" EM Eve Re 

I will let the picture do the talking. Nice garden plant. Blooms and blooms Fertile both ways

$60.00 double fan


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