I'm Back! Finally, after the flood of 2016, 36" of water for three days, lost tags, destroyed logbooks, entire garden sprayed with herbicide I am finally back on the daylily trail. Of course, the Ferrel Hogs of 2020 set me back again by uprooting the entire garden. It has taken this long to sort everything out.

I have reverted back to the old format for the website and deleted all old pages since I have few previous introductions.

This garden is a southern garden and I have not seen rust in the garden in years. I cull anything that shows signs but no guarantees since I add plant material annually into the hybridizing program. 

Please note payments, checks or money order mailed to me, should be made out to either the Village Church Flower Mound, TX or First Baptist Church, Zachary LA. Matt Chandler VC, reminds me of a young Dan Hanson. Passionate, energetic and I listen to him daily as I work in the garden. I highly recommend a listen. Start with his early sermons 2006 those are a great to start with I especially like "A Life Lived Well".  I selected First Baptist Church Zachary, LA as a second benefactor.  FBCZ is the church my granddaughters attend and therefore I attend and support. In appreciation of your donation, I will provide free shipping but only to the lower 48 States. If your state has any restrictions on importing plant material, please do not order. I will not ship out of the country. I ask that if you Tithe to one of these two churches that your payment be made out to the other. 

 I have been abundantly blessed. I know this is not easy, different donations depending on the flower and hybridizer but if this is the most difficult thing you do today you are doing alright. 

I ship to the lower 48 states only. I do not ship to states that have special requirements but you are welcome to come to the garden and pick them up . I would enjoy the visit.

May All Your Endings be "Happily Ever After"!


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