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                                                 2009 Spring Collection





                                                               (J. Goudeau Sdg# 4-16-1)

                                                               5" 28" Tet, Semi EM, Re


I know just what the daylily world needs another black flower. Everybody and their brother has introduced a black flower that is better than the last.

Maleficent is the latest in black daylilies that sets pods without the benefit of shade and holds up well in the south Louisiana heat.  


Maleficent is a beautiful velvet black beauty that holds up considerably

well considering the saturation of color. The seedlings I have bloomed from her are nothing short of breathtaking.

Maleficent is a reliable rebloomer with decent scape and bud count. A silvery white edge appears later in the season.

                                                                                                      $50 DF































                        Touched By Graces Hand


                                                                                                   J. Goudeau Sdg# 25-12-3

                                                                                             5.25” 19” Tet, Sev, M, Sfr,  Re


I would not be anywhere close to having the seedlings I have if it were not for meeting Larry Grace. His kindness, generosity  and mentoring have much

to do with where I am today. Of course only by the Grace of God am I able to afford this and to experience the beauty that only he can create. o as you can

see, Touched by Graces Hand has two conitations for the name. Touched by Grace's Hand is a hybridizers flower. In the deep

south the scape is short 20" on the initial bloom and has a low bud count 10 - 12. I probably should never introduce this flower but the seedlings she has

produced as a pollen parent are nothing short of breathtaking. In the north, South Carolina to be exact, she has a 24" scape with a bud count of 20 or more.  

Charles and Heidi Douglas were impressed this year. I cannot thank them enough for growing my flowers better than I do! :)    


                                                                                                                        $50 DF Last 4 fans




                                                                                J. Goudeau (sdg# 21-14-03)

                                                                            4.75”, 30”, Tet, Sev, Sfr, Mla, Re


Melee is a flower that everyone visiting the garden has tried to talk me out of. The stir this flower creates in the garden visitors is nothing short of a Melee.

An unexpected late season bloomer, branching has been counted at seven abd eight on three-year-old clump. Melee is a bright cherry red flower with a

washed halo She put on a fabulous show late in the season. Melee fertile both ways and is a good parent for reds and purples.


                                                                                                    $50DF Last 5 double fans







                                  Lisa and Tiffany                                                             


                                                                                                    J. Goudeau Sdg# 02-5-21

                                                                                                       6” 24” Tet, Sev, Mla, Re


Lisa and Tiffany is named for two very special young ladies from the Shreveport/Bossier area. Perfect ladies and fabulous hosts. 

Lisa and Tiffany is my first introduction from Christine Tuminello LeGrand.  This clear baby ribbon pink with darker edges has been used

in my edges without eyes program.  You may have guesses it by now, these special  young ladies are the daughters of John LeGrand.

Elegant is the best way to describe this classic beauty.  

                                                                                                                 $10 DF






   Unexpected Romance


                                                                                          J. Goudeau Sdg# 07-5-27-5

                                                                                          6.25”, 30”, Tet, Sev,  La, Re


Unexpected Romance  is a surprisingly good parent, a great great grand kid of Boisterous Behavior (L. Gates) this flower is proving to be a

good pod parent for reds and dark flowers. A fertile pod parent, Unexpected Romance will set pods on the hottest of days without the benefit of shade.

Unexpected Romance is a tall well branched and budded cultivar is a must for both the collector and the hybridizer.






                            Do Not Disturb

                                                                                    J. Goudeau Sdg# 6-7-25-3

                                                                                  5” 28” Tet, Eve, Sfr, M, Re


Do Not Disturb glows in the garden. This jewel set itself apart after Hurricane Katrina.

All of the crape myrtles in the garden had been blown over. Do Not Disturb was

standing tall right through the middle of a downed tree. Do Not Disturb has an

irridecent trait that passes on to it's offspring. 


                                                                              $10 DF





                               For All To See


                                                                                          J. Goudeau Sdg# 5-5-30-1

                                                                                           28” 5” Tet, Semi, La, Re


The scape of For All to See says it all. This sherbet  orange beauty with a darker orange edge and eye just blooms and blooms and blooms. 

For All to See is another late season bloomer that extends the season in late August early September here.

Great scape and bud count. Fertile both ways. 














                      Sweetin the Deal

                                  J. Goudeau Sdg# 5-6-25-14

                                                                                           3.5” 29” Tet, Semi, EM, Re


Waiting Name Approval is another small beauty, 3.5” that blooms well and often.

A great grand kid of Mr. Lucky, she carries the color of the eye into the petal veins.

Waiting Name Aprroval

 is a great garden flower, blooms well and is fertile both ways.

                                                                                                               $15 DF




                          Lost in Louisiana


                                                                          J. Goudeau Sdg# 5-6-25-14

                                                                          3.5” 19” Tet, Semi, EM, Re


Lost in Louisiana is named for a group of adventurers from the Mississippi Gulf Coast Daylily Society. They took a day trip to visit

some gardens in Louisiana. I volunteered to guide them from place to place. Well everything went well until the bus driver decided he knew a

shortcut from Lafayette to Baton Rouge. Well, after thirty miles and three requests, I finally made him stop and look at a map. Yep, you

guessed, it thirty miles in the wrong direction. Well, this group was very understanding and even though they did not arrive at my garden

until almost 6:00 PM, they did me the courtousy of viewing my seedlings. This little jewel was still as dark red as the image shows.

That was after a full day of sun and an afternoon shower.


$10 clump





                                Tinkerbell's Treats


                                                                                        J. Goudeau Sdg# 6-4-28-7

                                                                                       3.5” 22” Tet, Semi, EM, Re

Tinkerbell’s Treats has it all, perfectly formed flowers blooming just above the dark semi evergreen foliage.

Tinkerbell’s Treats is sculpted from the dark green throat into the petal face. Used primarily as a pollen parent due to the

bud count this jewel has produced some interesting seedlings. Smaller than what I normally introduce this is a tightly packed little


flower sometimes surprises you with double flowers on rebloom.


                                                                                                               $45 DF one availible








                                    Meg's Pick


                                      J. Goudeau Sdg# 27-6-3

                                                                                                     5” 27” Tet, Semi, La, Re


Meg's Pick was going to be held another year but Meg McKenzie, our fabulous Journnal Editor thought this flower was the best

of this year's Goudeau introductions. Meg's Pick is a beautiful rose lavender self with a darker edge. Trimmed in gold this flower is another late

season joy. Meg's Pick is another fast increaser sure to give you a clump strength flower in no time. Fertile both ways 








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