Joe Goudeau 2016 Spring Introductions

Zydeco Jitterbug

5.25" 30, M, semi, Re
Interesting flower, nice scape good bud count,
Cross is out of a Grace seedling and one of my unusuall blue eyed seedlings.
Fertile both ways

All 2016 introductions will be in the Region 13 auction, Region 2 summer auction, and at the Cenla Symposium in October. Due to the limited supply on most of the 2016 introductions, I may save all  but Glorious Expectations for auctions and
speaking engagements.

Sold Out

Thorny Crown

6" 32" EM, Semi, Re
My first introduction out of All Jacked Up. I did not realize AJU was pod fertile until a fellow hybridizer from Arkansas started setting seed. Who knew? Fertile both ways, Very limited

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You Get What You Get

(and you don't pitch a fit)

Saying my 7 year old granddaughter taught me but there were too many sylables to introduce :(

4" 32" M, Eve, Re
A very nice flower on a SUPER scape (I do not fertilize or provide any special care)  fertile both ways

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Glorious Expectations

Diploid 5" + 30" Semi, M, Re
Fertile both ways
Sold Out
Sweet Little One

Diploid 1.5" 24" M, Semi, Re
Nice little flower very fertile both ways

Sold Out