2010 Joe Intros

2010 Introductions

Geaux Tigers

 J. Goudeau Sdg# 5-12-? -?
5€ 29€ Tet, Sev, M, Sfr, Re


After last years tour season I decided that every flower I introduce needs to have a university connection. People will pay anything to have a flower named for their favorite alma mater.

Geaux Tigers reminded everyone who visited the garden of LSU

Geaux Tigers is a deep purple with an a pale lavender watermark. Not overly ruffled this baby stands tall reblooms well and holds up to our south Louisiana sun as well as most dark flowers. Bud count is only about 15 branching is four way but Geaux Tigers rebloomed twice last year. I can not wait to see this one in a clump form.  Demand is high and quantities limited. Sold Out

Heart in Hand

J. Goudeau Sdg# 09-31
5.5€ 27€ Tet, Sev, M, Re

Heart in Hand when on is on. This Big dark red flower that sports a white edge when the temps get warm is hard to beat. I like working with reds and Heart in Hand will set pods on the hottest of days.  I like my flowers to have a backdrop of foliage and the dark green foliage behind this dark red flower really sets it apart.  Sold Out

Bathed and Bedded


J. Goudeau Sdg# 5-5-11-6
3.5€ 30€ Tet, Sev, EM, Re


Bathed and Bedded has been one of my favorites since initial bloom. Nice tall scape with 4-5 way branching and 15 - 20 buds. This sweetheart of a flower blooms and blooms and just when you think she is finished she blooms again. My kind of flower. Bathed and Bedded is very pod fertile and has a tenancy to send some unusual forms in it's seedlings. Sold Out

Cowboy Up

J. Goudeau 09-232
4€ 32€, Tet, Sev, Em, Sfr, Re


Cowboy Up is just irresistible. I did not crop the image so that you could see the bud count and branching which has been cataloged at 6 way and 32 buds.  Cowboy Up does not sleep for long and reblooms at least twice. Not as clear a color as I would like but the infusion of green has made this garden jewel special Sold Out


Mustang Sally

J. Goudeau Sdg# 5-5-6-8
4€, 27€, Tet, Sev, Sfr, M, Re

What can the veining reminds me of pin strips. This speedy number reblooms well, is nicely scaped and has a decent bud count

Sold Out


Green Eggs an Ham


J. Goudeau Sdg# 5-6-4-44
4.75€, 30€,  Tet, Sev, Sfr, M, Re (Terrio seedling G2 x Seedling)
4 way branching 20 - 25 buds (after being grown inone location for 3 years)


Green Eggs and Ham is one of those flower you know is an introduction on the initial bloom. The flower has a green undertone under a polychrome base color. Good parent seeing pods esasily

Sold Out

My Sleeping Angel

J. Goudeau 6-5-9-1
5.25€ 30€, Tet, Sev, Em, Sfr, Re


My Sleeping Angel is just irresistible. 20 buds on 4 way branching this flower has measured 6" depending on growing conditions. Just a big nicely shaped yellow flower with green throat. I would use the chartreuse descriptor but she pales compared to some of her offspring.

Sold Out